Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 has arrived!

Today Microsoft released beta 2 of IE. It has a new feature called inPrivate, what it does is pretty cool, it prevents that any traces of your browsing history is stored anywhere. But I’m most looking forward to the improvements in standards, I’m about to try it out any minute now.

IE8 Home page
Release Notes
Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now Available
Upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2
Introducing Compatibility View
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003 SP2
Windows Server 2003 SP2 x64 & Windows XP x64
Windows Vista and Server 2008
Windows Vista x64 and Server 2008 x64


Google’s Doubleclick using Silverlight

According to that Doubleclick, bought by Google, will be using Silverlight in Google’s ad sense network to provide ads. This is great news, it’s a step forward for Silverlight with a company with the size of Google acknowledging that Microsoft has a great platform.

However, questions are being raised about Microsoft being beaten in the ad business using their own product. I can understand why these questions are raised, the fact is that Microsoft is a software company and unfortunately it is trying too hard to compete with Google in this market. Microsoft is one of the top software companies in the world, and you can see that when Google starts using Silverlight, when the .NET Framework and Visual Studio become the greatest development platform and when you look at Office and Windows.

If Microsoft is slipping in any area is in software development, where they are being distracted by Google and this is, in my opinion, the chance for Apple to make something out of this distraction. OS X is picking up pace and since people are able to run Windows on their Macs they are less afraid of buying a Mac, and it will only get worse. Another problem somehow related to this is that Microsoft barely uses the great technologies they develop! How many WPF apps have you seen developed by Microsoft for the average user? It seems WLM9 (Windows Live Messenger) will be the first, but maybe it’s not too late!

Hello world from the iPhone

I’m trying out wordpress for the iPhone! It looks solid, it feels like a true native app, not like most apps on app store. More on that later ūüôā

Back home!

I’m returning to wordpress. Yep… I should have thought I wouldn’t be so well on Blogger, not that it isn’t a good service, it is, in fact it has some features I would love to have here in wordpress, but wordpress has become a lot better and I can’t ignore it anymore. No I won’t be changing everytime a new blogging service shows up (*silly me*) at least I will remain here until I get my own domain, it should take some time.

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wpfbox is moving to blogger!!

That’s right people, I know it tough to keep track of all content, but I’ll have to move to blogger because I need more integration with my google services. WordPress is great! I’m going to miss the stats page.

¬†So… the address hasn’t changed much!

happy coding!

WPF memory leaks

I just came across this post from Jossef Goldberg, he talks about memory leaks we should prevent when working with WPF. This is a very detailed article and is a *must read*. I will try to post some tips of my own too as soon as I can.

User relevant information

The other day a friend asked me what to do with a design I had done two years ago for Digital Catalog. He told me that a user uses the comments section for relevant information about the discs, including condition and specs and the user complained about the fact that the comments are somewhat hidden.Capture
As you can see the comments are on the bottom-right corner of the application. This is also the same approach Microsoft used for Windows Vista, you have the list of files as the center point of the Explorer Window and the Details Pane on the bottomDetailsPane presenting the most relevant information about the selected file. The question is, where should this information be? There are at least 2 approaches to this problem, the current approach used in Digital Catalog and Windows Vista and another one similar but with the information on the top of the window. Microsoft had done this in the alpha stages of Windows vista.longhorn_4051_126 (2) This method gives you all the information you might want right in your face but the problem with this approach is that the window is too heavy! Everytime I look at this window it feels like it is going to fall in my face at any second. It a lot of information, menus, tools and related tasks but the fact is that this is a very plausible solution to solve the information problem. If we only had this two choices the best option would be to make it configurable at the user level, if the user doesn’t have much use for that information hide the details pane or show it on the bottom and if he really feels that the information is very relevant he could show the pane on top. It is mandatory that the design of the pane on the top is somewhat similar to the bottom pane and the top pane in particular has to pay a lot of attention to the “heavyness” of the design. A good way to handle this is using colors similar to the main body of the application but a bit darker or lighter to differentiate the parts.

In the particular case of Digital Catalog we have some other pretty solutions.03 In this concept you would have the items on the center and on the right the detailed information about the item. this raises only two problems in my opinion. First you might have a very high resolution or very few information to show and that would result in an enormous white bar right there for no good reason. The other solution would be to have the item information on the item itself, this would take some real estate to show all that information, but that could be done by expanding only the selected item..03 This solution limits the possible item visualizations (lists, tiles, details, etc) but would definitely solve the information problem, the question here is to opt between information vs visual diversity.

Please share your thoughts and opinions, and post some images if you can too.