Cool Microsoft Videos

Today I was browsing around the usual sites and saw some cool Microsoft videos, so I decided to gather a few videos for your viewing pleasure, some are new, some old, but they’re all cool!

Microsoft’s Vision of 2010.

This is a prototype video for what Microsoft wishes to be real time collaboration in 2010.

Windows Longhorn UI Prototype Video – 2002

This is a prototype for what Microsoft had in mind for Vista, back then known as Longhorn.

Vista (Code named Longhorn)

This is another great prototype! One of the best I’ve seen!

Longhorn Rock Video

Promotional video showed at PDC 03

Microsoft’s WinFS Presentation

WinFS presentation video


3 Responses to “Cool Microsoft Videos”

  1. Ricardo Ribeiro Says:

    Cool videos,it’s a shame that somethings were not included in Vista from the start…but someday they’ll come 😉

  2. Bruno Silva Says:

    That’s what we all hope! 😀 but with WPF maybe we can teach Microsoft a lesson 😉

  3. techwoo Says:

    Oh! Thank for nice post about Cool Microsoft Videos. If you want share more about this topic, you can read it at

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