FAQs Section

As some of you may know, WordPress provides a feature that can show you what text people search in engines like google or live.com and for some of the queries I got the answer somewhere here in the blog, but for others I don’t and I would like to help everyone with the most frequent questions. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what you want from a simple search query so, I’ve created a FAQs section for you to post your questions. Reply with your questions in the comments section and I’ll try to help you as soon as possible. ūüôā

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2 Responses to “FAQs Section”

  1. komminane Says:

    Hi ,

    i am looking for some sample code how to generate XAML file at runtime with UI & code behind functions.

  2. Bruno Silva Says:

    What do you want exactly? Generate a XAML file based on something in your UI?

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