Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 has arrived!

Today Microsoft released beta 2 of IE. It has a new feature called inPrivate, what it does is pretty cool, it prevents that any traces of your browsing history is stored anywhere. But I’m most looking forward to the improvements in standards, I’m about to try it out any minute now.

IE8 Home page
Release Notes
Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now Available
Upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2
Introducing Compatibility View
Windows XP
Windows Server 2003 SP2
Windows Server 2003 SP2 x64 & Windows XP x64
Windows Vista and Server 2008
Windows Vista x64 and Server 2008 x64


Google’s Doubleclick using Silverlight

According to that Doubleclick, bought by Google, will be using Silverlight in Google’s ad sense network to provide ads. This is great news, it’s a step forward for Silverlight with a company with the size of Google acknowledging that Microsoft has a great platform.

However, questions are being raised about Microsoft being beaten in the ad business using their own product. I can understand why these questions are raised, the fact is that Microsoft is a software company and unfortunately it is trying too hard to compete with Google in this market. Microsoft is one of the top software companies in the world, and you can see that when Google starts using Silverlight, when the .NET Framework and Visual Studio become the greatest development platform and when you look at Office and Windows.

If Microsoft is slipping in any area is in software development, where they are being distracted by Google and this is, in my opinion, the chance for Apple to make something out of this distraction. OS X is picking up pace and since people are able to run Windows on their Macs they are less afraid of buying a Mac, and it will only get worse. Another problem somehow related to this is that Microsoft barely uses the great technologies they develop! How many WPF apps have you seen developed by Microsoft for the average user? It seems WLM9 (Windows Live Messenger) will be the first, but maybe it’s not too late!


Yesterday, Vertigo released a new version of Family.Show, the reference application used to demonstrate the power of WPF. Yes, this means that you can go and grab the source code! You can find the click once installation and source code at Vertigo’s web site. This version introduces an approach to skinning, for now you’re only able to change mostly colors, I hope that a version 3.0 is released with full customization support (even if the user can’t create new skins).

Another day another magazine

A few days ago Microsoft Portugal Released the March edition of the Microsoft Magazine, once again Imokapa Slideshow is shown to the public. 😀

Check it out: Microsoft magazine (this is only the page about Multivector, I’m not sure If I can post the entire magazine, so I’ll just post this :))

Cool Microsoft Videos

Today I was browsing around the usual sites and saw some cool Microsoft videos, so I decided to gather a few videos for your viewing pleasure, some are new, some old, but they’re all cool!

Microsoft’s Vision of 2010.

This is a prototype video for what Microsoft wishes to be real time collaboration in 2010.

Windows Longhorn UI Prototype Video – 2002

This is a prototype for what Microsoft had in mind for Vista, back then known as Longhorn.

Vista (Code named Longhorn)

This is another great prototype! One of the best I’ve seen!

Longhorn Rock Video

Promotional video showed at PDC 03

Microsoft’s WinFS Presentation

WinFS presentation video