Back home!

I’m returning to wordpress. Yep… I should have thought I wouldn’t be so well on Blogger, not that it isn’t a good service, it is, in fact it has some features I would love to have here in wordpress, but wordpress has become a lot better and I can’t ignore it anymore. No I won’t be changing everytime a new blogging service shows up (*silly me*) at least I will remain here until I get my own domain, it should take some time.

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FAQs Section

As some of you may know, WordPress provides a feature that can show you what text people search in engines like google or and for some of the queries I got the answer somewhere here in the blog, but for others I don’t and I would like to help everyone with the most frequent questions. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what you want from a simple search query so, I’ve created a FAQs section for you to post your questions. Reply with your questions in the comments section and I’ll try to help you as soon as possible. 🙂

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Blog visual update

Well, I liked the previous theme very much, but I had to change because of it’s limited size and I always loved blue! 😀

I hope you enjoy it. I also added a section with my Curriculum Vitae, I’ll update it a bit it isn’t quite like I want yet.

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Hello World

Hi everyone, welcome to my new blog! I recommend that you read the about page 🙂 and stay tuned because the fun is about to start!

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